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As a resident of Bhuj, a town in the Kutch district of Gujarat, Minal Davda’s life was normal and peaceful. Being a housewife and a mother she was living a normal life with her family. When her son finished schooling and went to college in another city, she had a tough challenge, What she would do the whole day? How would she keep herself busy day in and day out? That’s when she thought of her passion and decided to do what she loved to do (Nutrition & Fitness). The first thing she did was enrol in an online diploma course on Weight Loss & Nutrition Science with Shaw Academy (UK) - London. So at the age of 36 years, Minal decided to be a student again.

Her passion towards nutrition science and fitness dates back to her school days. Being an obese child herself, she faced a lot of body shaming issues. During her college days when she had 90 kgs of weight, she decided to do something about it. Hence she tried to gobble up knowledge about various foods and their effects on the human body as much as she could. Plus she started doing physical activity in the form of various exercises. She lost 22 kgs of weight which gave her confidence and motivation for being fit & active by following a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

After getting her Diploma in Weight Loss & Nutrition from Shaw Academy (UK) - London, she got a job offer from a reputed gynaecologist in Bhuj. She had to advise females on pre & post-natal diet and lifestyle. That’s when she realized that having a diploma is not enough. If she wants to make a mark in people’s lives, she needs to have a deeper knowledge of Nutrition Science.

So again she wore a Student’s hat and started looking for a reputable institute which can offer her a quality education. She zeroed in on Precision Nutrition, one of the best institutes in the World and enrolled herself in it. Precision Nutrition’s certification programs are rated number 1 in the Fitness and Nutrition Community. Today Precision Nutrition is the largest – and most respected – private nutrition coaching and education company in the world.

Being a commerce graduate, it was not easy for her to dig deep into Nutrition Science, but she put in her full-hearted efforts (worked tirelessly including attending late-night webinars) and within 12 months got certified as a level 1 coach of Precision Nutrition. She got mentored by International Coaches, actually one of the best in the Industry.

Minal started her own Nutrition and Weight Management Centre in Bhuj in 2016. Since then she has helped more than 1000 clients to live a healthy life by eating clean and home-cooked food. She strongly believes that the way to a fitter you is through your home’s kitchen. She also has online clients (more than 500 of them) throughout the world, who are happy with the weight management results they got by following her customized diet plans.

According to Minal, a diet plan doesn’t need to be a punishment but a sustainable part of living. Every Body is unique and the diet chart has to be customized according to a person’s lifestyle, goals and body type.

She has a specific interest in helping her female clients and she keeps on telling them that our body is a gift to rejoice and needs to be loved and respected. Not ignored.

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General tips for your life changing journey
  • Set Clear Goals
  • Create a Plan
  • Start Gradually
  • Incorporate Regular Exercise
  • Focus on Diet
  • Monitor Progress

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